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Cadet Helmet – Product Development

Wyedean has worked on various projects with the UK Army Cadets since 2012, and 2015 saw the release of the first Cadet helmet to be worn during training weekends, as well as at Easter, summer and autumn camps.

Although the helmet is non-ballistic, they are designed to look like the Mk7 helmet worn by soldiers in the British Army. And while the helmets themselves are black, each one is issued with a disruptive, pattern camouflage helmet cover, similar to those worn in the British Army which are also manufactured by Wyedean and feature the word CADET woven in red. The helmets are supplied with waterproof bags intended to hold up to 20 helmets, which makes them easily transportable.

The helmets have a lifespan of up to three years and are certified to permit the cadet to wear the helmet during field craft, FIBUA and on obstacle courses.  The helmet is designed to be lightweight and comfortable and its design allows it to be worn with Amplivox ear defenders and/or the PRR radio headset.

Wyedean has worked with Cadets during the development of the helmet in particular looking at how it is designed to take one major impact and as a result deliberately has a weak link built into the chin strap. The chin strap will shear at the helmet joint if the cadet were to end up trapped by his or her neck or head. The helmet has gained a CE mark, and both the helmet and chin strap are registered designs. Before the cadet helmets went into bulk production, members of the Army Cadet Force were issued with helmets for trials which allowed any changes or amendments to be carefully considered. Once the final design was approved, bulk production commenced and the helmets were issued to each ACF unit.

You can see pictures of the helmet trials above. The Senior Cadre is “Training In Built Up Areas” (TIBUA), which is part of the new APC Fieldcraft Syllabus.
Wyedean is working with UK Cadets on the next generation helmet which will include improvements for both comfort and suitability. The Cadet helmet will still be non-ballistic.
If you have similar needs for kits such as the Cadets, contact us with your requirements.