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Hand-Crafted Royal Navy Ship’s Crests

As current holders of the contract for the supply of ship’s crests to the Ministry of Defence, Wyedean is proud to announce the launch of its new online store selling these plaques commercially to the public.
Ship crests, also known as ship’s plaques or ship’s badges, are allocated to each unit or ship in Her Majesty’s fleet and feature a design specific to each ship. For instance, the famous HMS Dauntless ship crest features a carving of Horatius Cocles (Horatius the One-eyed) who in 509 BC single-handedly defended the Pons Sublicius Bridge on the outskirts of Rome against the Etruscan army. Meanwhile, the HMS Scott ship plaque features a penguin in recognition of the exploits of the famous explorer Robert Falcon Scott.

The ship crests are usually given out as commemorative gifts by each ship’s Captain to visiting dignitaries but also make wonderful keepsakes for retired sailors or Officers of the Royal Navy.
These beautiful ship plaques are handmade in Britain and are made to MoD specifications. The crests are made of resin, allowing it to withstand minor knocks and are hand-painted with the upmost care and attention and then mounted onto a mahogany hardwood backing. Each crest comes in a presentation box, making them ideal to give as gifts.

New designs are added daily to the website and we are constantly increasing our stock. If you are looking for quantities over 10, please contact us direct for a quote.