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Supply Chain Management

Multiple International Suppliers

Supplementing the work it does in-house, Wyedean has multiple off-shore factories capable of satisfying high volume demands.
The company also has strong ties with numerous off-shore facilities, across multiple continents, meaning it’s able to be competitive and economical in what’s an extremely challenging, international market.

Dealing with multiple international suppliers can be challenging in terms of communications, quality, consistency and reliability. Wyedean is an expert at maintaining high standards with all of its international suppliers through daily communications and regular visits and consultations.

The company’s close working relationships with its suppliers means it can offer competitive pricing while guaranteeing high standards of manufacture and a streamlined experience for its customers.

In a situation where Wyedean is unable to utilise its existing supply chain, it’s also an expert in multi-national sourcing with over twenty years of experience in doing so. Maintaining a worldwide supply chain is key to being competitive, resourceful and versatile.