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Military Funerals

A military funeral is a memorial given by the military for a serviceman who died in battle, a veteran or prominent military figures. A military funeral may include the firing of a volley of shots as a salute, drumming, a flag draped over the coffin or a guard of honour.
In British Army military funerals, reserved arms are carried and the Last Post and Rouse of Reveille are sounded. Any Service personnel who died while serving are entitled to a private funeral or a funeral at public expense. Generally, there is no ceremonial at a private funeral. This normally depends on the next of kin in conjunction with the unit.
Military funerals take place with some or all military honours depending on the circumstances. Any salutes of guns are fired after the body has been laid to rest.
The Military honours are:
– Bearer Party
– Pall
– Bearers
– Insignia Bearers
– Escort and Firing Party of Gun Salute
– Musical support
– Minute Guns
Personnel who have served in all ranks are entitled to funeral honours at the public expense. This is providing that the troops involved are stationed within reasonable distance. Coffins used in military funerals are draped with a Union Jack flag.