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The History of Dalton Barton

On the run up to celebrating Wyedean’s 60th Anniversary based in Haworth, we are looking back at the history of where it all started.

First, we delve into the fascinating history of Dalton, Barton Ltd, and its transformation into The Wyedean Weaving Company Limited. We uncover how two visionaries, Mr. Dalton and Mr. Barton, revolutionised narrow fabric production in the 1850s, leading to the company’s rise as the world’s largest haberdashery producer by the early-20th century.

We know there were challenges faced by Dalton, Barton, including the devastation of their Coventry factory and London department store during the WWII blitz, and read of the resilience and determination of the company to rebuild and adapt. There is a pivotal moment in time when King George VI intervenes to ensure medal ribbon production continues showcasing the remarkable relationship between industry and royalty during wartime.

Fast forward to 1959, with almost 100 years in business and Dalton, Barton is at a crossroads. The decline of Victoriana decor and haberdashery lines, coupled with labour competition from the nearby booming motor industry, prompts the need for a bold new direction. Enter David Wright, the catalyst for change, tasked with reshaping the company’s future.

It is now 1962, there is a relocation to Coleford near the River Wye in the Forest of Dean which marks a significant turning point, inspiring the rebranding as The Wyedean Weaving Company Limited. With a focus on meeting the latest demands for narrow fabrics, particularly in the automotive sector, the company sets its sights on seat belt production.

However, the unforeseen challenge of widespread seat belt production threatens to derail Wyedean’s efforts. David Wright’s determination comes to the forefront as he devises a bold plan to secure the company’s future by acquiring the military braids and ribbons production unit.

The Wyedean Weaving Company’s journey is a tale of resilience, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, shaped by David Wright’s decisive actions, which have led to its enduring success in the military market.
More updates will follow in the coming weeks as we share more details in the History of Wyedean Weaving.

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