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The Newest Addition to Team Wyedean

Wyedean is hugely proud to unveil the newest addition to its team, Private Parts. Designed and put together by local Haworth sculptor Craig Dyson, Private Parts is a sculpture of a Coldstream Guard soldier standing to attention, made from old, obsolete loom parts and stands proudly in Wyedean’s car park guarding the entrance to the building.

Wyedean ran an internal competition to name this fantastic sculpture with the winning entry of Private Parts coming from distributions manager, Kevin Lester. Other notable suggestions included Woody, Parky and Trigger, but Private Parts was the unanimous winner.

Robin Wright, managing director of Wyedean said that: “Craig did a brilliant job making Private Parts and it was the perfect way to re-use our old loom parts, some of which were over a hundred years old, in a way which ensured they continue to be a part of Wyedean’s future and not just its past.”

If you ever come to visit Wyedean be sure to take a look at Private Parts as Craig did a superb job. You can see more of his work at