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Queen to formally commission HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has formally commissioned the aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth. She was joined by Princess Annie, First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones and Prime Minister Theresa May. It was the first time the Queen had seen the new flagship since Rosyth in July 2014.

A commissioning ceremony usually takes place once a ship has completed its sea trials. In this specific ceremony The Queen said a few words and then the commissioning warrant was read.

The Blue Ensign has been replaced with the White Ensign. The Blue Ensign has been flying from the ship during trials. The replacement of the Blue Ensign to the White Ensign symbolises the acceptance of HMS Queen Elizabeth into Her Majesty’s fleet. This also makes it an Official Navy Warship.

The only milestone left for HMS Queen Elizabeth is the flight trials, which will begin in 2018.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth is set to be deployed, with jets on board, in 2021. Her sister ship, HMS Prince of Wales has also been formally named and is structurally complete.

Both of the new aircraft carriers are being delivered by Aircraft Carrier Alliance.

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