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Custom Design Cap Tally

A Cap Tally is a black nylon ribbon which is usually tied into a bow on the left-hand side of a Royal Navy sailor’s cap. The tally is black with a gold inscription and usually bears the name of the ship to which the sailor belongs. During World War II the ship’s name was often left off the cap tally to protect the ship from any espionage.

A Cap Tally bow is notoriously difficult to tie. The ribbon is wrapped round the hat, with the inscription positioned in the middle of the hat. A bow is tied to the left of the cap.

Watch the video below to learn how to tie your cap tally.

Wyedean stocks many different Cap Tallies for the Royal Navy. To view our range click here.

We are also able to manufacture bespoke cap tallies with a custom name. Please note that due to the setup of the machine, each design comes as a set of two. The cost per design is £25. For larger quantities we do offer a significant discount.
To order your custom cap tally and view available price breaks, click here.
To order multiple designs of cap tallies click here. Please note a minimum order of 2 per design is still required.