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Sam Browne Belts In Wear

The History of the Sam Browne Belt

We’ve recently added Sam Browne belts to our ceremonial uniform accessories website, which you can access here, but did you know the history behind this fascinating mainstay of the military and police officer’s uniform? The Sam Browne belt is typically a wide, brown, leather, waist belt attached to a thinner shoulder cross belt that fastens diagonally across the right shoulder. The Sam Browne belt was originally used for carrying a sword, and more latterly a heavy pistol, and even though these weapons have been consigned to history, the Sam Browne belt continues to be a key and iconic part of many serving officers’ uniforms. The name Sam Browne comes from a British Army officer of the same name, who served with the 2nd Punjab Irregular Cavalry. In 1858 during a battle near Seeporah, Sam Browne charged a cannon as it was being reloaded. Browne was attacked by one of the cannon crew, suffering two devastating cuts – one to his left [...]

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Wyedean Charity 2016: Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Kevin Tough Mudder Charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) has been selected. Past fundraising events at Wyedean have included cake sales, quizzes and the use of the car park for local events such as 1940’s Weekend and physical challenges. The YAA is a charity funded by donations. The NHS provide paramedics on secondment but to keep their 2 air ambulances operational requires £12,000 per day (£44 million a year). The rapid response air emergency service serves a population of circa 5 million people across 4 million acres. The fast medical response that the Air Ambulance service provides is vital to a patient who has received major trauma, especially those with head and spinal injuries, as the Air Ambulance can avoid traffic congestion and uneven road surfaces. On average, when a patient has been received by the YAA, they will always be only 10 minutes from the nearest hospital and 15 minutes from the most relevant treatment centre. In some cases, this can [...]

Keighley Sea Cadets SCC

Keighley SCC Appeal For Volunteers

Keighley Sea Cadets Corps (SCC) and The Royal Marine Cadets are appealing for volunteers. Both are local non-profit youth organisations that work with children aged between 10-18 years. Unlike other service cadets, Keighley SCC are not funded by the Ministry of Defence. They are an independent non-profit charity and their unit is run by a small team of volunteers which includes staff and committee members. They work hard to allow cadets the opportunity to go to sea, learn to sail and do adventure training, helping them to develop extra skills to give them a head start in life. They also have a Royal Marine Detachment and the cadets partake in many field activities such as camping, navigation and team building activities, all of which help them develop transferable skills which they can carry through into adult life. One of the Keighley Sea Cadets’ main fundraising events is the annual duck race which is held at Bolton Abbey as its President is [...]