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HMS Queen Elizabeth in Rosyth Dockyard

HMS Queen Elizabeth is ready for Sea trials.

As Britain’s largest ever warship,  it’s been an anxious and exciting wait for the launch of HMS Queen Elizabeth as it finally left its dockyard in Rosyth to head out for sea trials. The 65,000 ton aircraft carrier squeezed through an exit with only 14 inch clearance on either side. After nearly a decade-long build, this marks the latest milestone for the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class carriers, which have cost more than £6 billion pounds, the other being HMS Prince of Wales. One of the Royal Navy’s warships will be escorting HMS Queen Elizabeth while its commanders try out the North Sea and Moray Firth. Shore-based helicopters will also be on the lookout for any submarines trying to sneak a peek at Britain’s new warship. 1,000 sailors and contractors will be aboard testing the vessel for the next six weeks. 650 doors and hatches on the vessel have been checked for fire safety and to check they are water tight. Multiple [...]

HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince of Wales HMS Prince of Wales is the second ship to be constructed under the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier classification after HMS Queen Elizabeth. The plans for her to begin active service in 2020 are said to be on track, with the ship currently 80% structurally complete. She is the eighth ship to bear the name HMS Prince of Wales, and the cost of the two ships is to be £6.2billion. The HMS Prince of Wales, unlike most aircraft carriers, will not be fitted with catapults and arrestor wires, but will instead carry up to 40 multi-role fighters and Merlin helicopters. The ship’s design focuses on flexibility with her aiming to accommodate 250 Royal Marines servicemen. Her length ship is to be 280 metres and her speed 25 knots. The full Queen Elizabeth Class, including HMS Prince of Wales, is to be used by all three areas of the UK Armed Forces and will be deployed around the world.  The [...]

HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class of aircraft carrier, with HMS Prince of Wales following closely behind in 2017. A new type of supercarrier, they are to be the future flagships of the nation. The ship is to be the largest warship built for the Royal Navy and can carry up to forty aircraft. She is due to be commissioned in May of 2017 with the former captain of HMS Ark Royal and HMS Illustrious, Commodore Jerry Kyd, to be her first Commanding Officer. Both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales will be versatile enough to be used for operations ranging from supporting war efforts to providing air and disaster relief. She is the second vessel to be named HMS Queen Elizabeth and is to be based in Portsmouth. Design- The estimated budget for the two new ships was £6,200 million with the construction starting in 2009. HMS Queen Elizabeth is being built in six different UK [...]