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Sam Browne Belts In Wear

The History of the Sam Browne Belt

We’ve recently added Sam Browne belts to our ceremonial uniform accessories website, which you can access here, but did you know the history behind this fascinating mainstay of the military and police officer’s uniform? The Sam Browne belt is typically a wide, brown, leather, waist belt attached to a thinner shoulder cross belt that fastens diagonally across the right shoulder. The Sam Browne belt was originally used for carrying a sword, and more latterly a heavy pistol, and even though these weapons have been consigned to history, the Sam Browne belt continues to be a key and iconic part of many serving officers’ uniforms. The name Sam Browne comes from a British Army officer of the same name, who served with the 2nd Punjab Irregular Cavalry. In 1858 during a battle near Seeporah, Sam Browne charged a cannon as it was being reloaded. Browne was attacked by one of the cannon crew, suffering two devastating cuts – one to his left [...]