Ranks Of The Royal Air Force (RAF)

The Royal Air Force (RAF) introduced officer ranks in 1919. Prior to this, Army ranks were used. Interestingly, many ranks within the Royal Air Force do not correspond with the actual duties of an officer. For example, a pilot officer may not be trained to pilot an aircraft. The ranking for pilots actually starts at cadet officer and is then upgraded to flying officer on graduation. Commissioned ranks within the RAF wear rank insignia on the lower arm of their dress uniform. There are many ranks which exist across all three forces: Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army. Of the three, the Royal Air Force rank will most always be the junior – the Royal Navy has seniority over the Army and the RAF. The commissioned ranks for the Royal Air Force are shown here. Rank insignia, which was to be worn on the jacket cuff, was established for the force in 1918. The ranking insignia has similarities to the Royal Navy rings. In 1919 the colour of the rank braid changed to black with a central pale blue stripe. The RAF mess dress, however, continued to be gold. Non-Commissioned aircrew rank insignia is worn on the upper arm of dress uniform, apart from the Master Aircrew who wear their badges on the lower arm. Non-Commissioned other ranks are shown below. Most of these ranks, apart from, Warrant Officer and Master Aircrew, are worn on the lower arm. We stock many of the rank insignia for the Royal Air Force. You can view them here.

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Which Narrow Fabric will Suit my Needs?

Wyedean has manufactured narrow fabrics for over 150 years. Although its product range has grown vastly, narrow fabrics remain one of its core products.  Everything that Wyedean holds in stock is available to buy on the webshop which also showcases the live stock figure. For rolls of 50 metres of more, please contact us directly for a quote. If you have any other requirements Wyedean can manufacture in various colours and using a variety of compositions. Braids - A lightweight narrow fabric which is made up of three or more strands to form a plaited structure. Flat Braid A flat braided construction created with the diagonal interweaving of threads. Hercules Braid A flat braided construction created with longitudinal threads as well to eliminate constructional stretch. Llama Braid A flat braided construction using 73 ends of fine-count worsted yarn. Russia Braid A flat braided construction using twin rib tracing braid. String Braid Strings made with a braided and knit braided tubular construction. Tubular Braid A braid made with a hollow core to create a tubular construction. Cords- A medium weight flexible fabric with a round cross section of braided or cable twisted structure. Braided Cord A braided cord with a tubular construction with a filled core. Twisted Cord A ply cord with a twisted or cabled construction of multiple plies. Laces - A lightweight narrow fabric with a patterned design. Bias and Stand Lace (B&S) A woven metallic lace with a weft effect and a Bias and Stand design. Chevron Lace A worsted herringbone woven lace with a cotton interwoven chevron design. Composite Lace A woven metallic lace with a weft effect and a warp effect with central colour ribs. Diced & Striped Lace A woven multicoloured warp effect with a double plain weave producing a chequered or striped construction. Granby Lace A woven metallic lace with a weft effect and a granby design. Handwoven Lace A woven lace made by hand using a dobby loom, this method allows for intricate designs with embellishments. Herringbone Lace A woven and worsted herringbone construction lace with a 2 x 2 twill design. Hopsack Lace A woven lace with a 2 x 2 twill in a hopsack design. Laurel Lace A woven weft effect with a rayon weft, cotton warp and a laurel leaf design. Masonic Lace A woven metallic lace with a weft effect and a masonic design. Metallic Lace A lace woven using metallic threads. Naval Lace A metallic woven lace with a weft effect and a naval or ribbed design. Non - Metallic Lace A woven lace manufactured using a non metallic thread. Oakleaf Lace A woven lace using a weft effect, a rayon weft and a cotton warp with an oakleaf design. Palmleaf Lace A woven lace with a metallic weft effect and a palmleaf design. Ranking Lace A woven lace with a weft rib effect and a warp effect central colour rib. Regimental Lace A worsted herringbone design and a woven construction lace featuring a warp colour and a [...]

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