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RAF College Remembrance Parade 2009

What is the Purpose of a Sword Knot?

The sword knot began existence as a simple cord attached to the hilt of the sword of a mounted soldier. The knot is in fact, a loop usually made out of leather, or other material. Before engagement with the enemy the soldier wraps the loop around his wrist to prevent the loss of his sword, which can happen either in the heat of the battle or if he needs to relax his group in order to steady his mount. In more recent years the sword knot has gradually evolved to become a more ornamental and decorative piece of uniform regalia. The design of it has also changed such that it now features a double strap which is also attached to the sword guard and wrapped around the hilt when not attached to the wrist. There are two main types of sword knots: full dress and active service. The sword knot used for active service features a plain buff leather strap, while the [...]

HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince of Wales HMS Prince of Wales is the second ship to be constructed under the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier classification after HMS Queen Elizabeth. The plans for her to begin active service in 2020 are said to be on track, with the ship currently 80% structurally complete. She is the eighth ship to bear the name HMS Prince of Wales, and the cost of the two ships is to be £6.2billion. The HMS Prince of Wales, unlike most aircraft carriers, will not be fitted with catapults and arrestor wires, but will instead carry up to 40 multi-role fighters and Merlin helicopters. The ship’s design focuses on flexibility with her aiming to accommodate 250 Royal Marines servicemen. Her length ship is to be 280 metres and her speed 25 knots. The full Queen Elizabeth Class, including HMS Prince of Wales, is to be used by all three areas of the UK Armed Forces and will be deployed around the world.  The [...]