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Our Story

Wyedean Weaving: Our Story

Wyedean Weaving was formally founded on 7 April, 1964, by David Wright. Before starting his own business, David’s first job after leaving school was an apprentice textile designer at Bridgehouse mill. Little did he know that 34 years later he would go onto purchase the very same building. At the age of 18, and at the outbreak of the Second World War, David volunteered for the Royal Navy, specifically The Fleet Air Arm. After pilot training in Canada he became a commissioned Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve fighter pilot and served with the now legendary Catapult Aircraft Merchant ships. Wyedean was established in 1964 as a manufacturer of braid and uniform accoutrement. Previously the business was known as Dalton Barton. David joined the company in 1959 and he was chosen to introduce new blood to the company, to take a hard look at the firm and to move the business away from Coventry as it was proving increasingly difficult to compete...

Armed Forces Day 2015

On Saturday 27th June, Armed Forces Day was celebrated up and down the country for men and women who served, both past and present in the armed forces. Events during the day ranged from grand parades to community events in local areas, with attendance from both the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his Royal Highness the Duke of York. The Prime Minister joined the celebration in Guildford where he said "Today we celebrate our brave servicemen and women who work so hard to keep our country safe". Alongside the Prime Minister’s appearance, a parade of more than 900 Service personnel, veterans and cadets marched through the historic heart of Guildford. During the afternoon celebrations, Stoke Park displayed the Royal Air Force GR4 Tornado flypast. Visitors also enjoyed seeing displays from a Sea King search and rescue team. A Spitfire and a Hurricane, from the RAF Battle of Britain memorial Flight, were also seen flying overhead, along with the Swordfish biplane...

Harry Potter

Movies Featuring Wyedean Manufacturing

While traditionally specialising in ceremonial regalia, it is Wyedean’s versatility and adaptability that has seen it branch out and succeed in other fields, reaching as far out as Hollywood. Superstar Tom Cruise wore Wyedean’s custom-made sashes in the film The Last Samurai. In fact Wyedean’s accessories have been worn by many other top Hollywood actors as film companies regularly request Wyedean's with unique wardrobe requirements. John Cleese wears Wyedean-produced items in the first two Harry Potter films where he plays Nearly Headless Nick. Brad Pitt is also seen wearing items from Wyedean in Fury. Wyedean was called upon to provide many hundreds of metres of bandages for The Mummy and it created the sashes, epaulettes and cords used on the uniforms in Gulliver’s Travels. Other films Wyedean items can be found in include Master and Commander, Saving Private Ryan, The Man in the Iron Mask, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Band of Brothers, The Four Feathers, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Sky Captain and the...