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Wyedean Weaving Golden jubilee

Wyedean Celebrates Its Golden Jubilee

The 7th of April 2014 was a momentous day for Wyedean as it celebrated its Golden Jubilee. With 50 years of manufacturing in Haworth since 1964 this was a proud achievement for the Wright family and employees of Wyedean. Wyedean opened its doors to employees old and new, local dignitaries, friends and family. The day was spent looking back and reminiscing to see how the mill and its work has changed over time. In 1995, the company employed over 150 staff with what was a very labour-intensive industry, today 21 staff work at Wyedean with very different roles to previous years. Over the years, Wyedean’s product range has also evolved from solely manufacturing tapes, braids and laces, to manufacturing all kind of uniforms and accessories, such as badges, epaulettes, ship plaques and additional unique ceremonial items. Other events included tours of the mill, speeches and demonstrations, with a light lunch in between. Presentations took place to commemorate those who have achieved...