Specialist Webbing

Wyedean also manufactures a range of specialist narrow tapes, braids and webbing for use on items of clothing. As military uniform specialists, the company supplies metallic trouser striping, uniform piping, cap braids and decorative trim for ceremonial jackets, but it’s also capable of producing webbing, braids and trim for a variety of commercial applications.

Examples include:

  • Trouser Striping
  • Cap Braid
  • Uniform Piping
  • Decorative Trim
  • Elastic for braces or hems
  • Haberdashery
  • Cuff or sleeve decoration

Wyedean offers a full making up service which includes the cutting, sewing, blocking and sealing of its webbings, straps and bindings. We can manufacture and supply webbing and narrow fabrics in large bulk quantities to your exact requirements, finished, sewn and packaged.

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We also stock various widths, colours and styles of specialist webbing which are available to buy online in small-medium quantities.

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