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Research and Development

Technical Textiles / R&D

Product development through innovative thinking, supported by a broad skill-set and experience.
Glass Fibre Warping

While Wyedean has a long and rich history of manufacturing traditional narrow fabrics and textiles for military uniforms in the UK, its skilled technical team has many years’ experience producing bespoke technical textiles.

Technical Textiles - Glass Fibre Weaving

Combining modern high performance materials with traditional manufacturing processes, Wyedean can design and develop technical prototypes, iterating and refining the process to the customer’s satisfaction.

Carbon Fibre Webbing in Production

Recent examples of bespoke technical projects include Wyedean’s development of carbon fibre, glass fibre and meta-aramids for a variety of uses in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

Technical Textiles - Ribbon Weaving

Wyedean understands the importance of communication and feedback and encourages customer visits. Wyedean also respects confidentiality and exclusivity and is happy to work with non-disclosure agreements.