Polyethylene/Courlene Webbing

Polyethylene webbing, or as it’s more commonly known as, Courlene webbing, is a hard-wearing, rigid narrow-fabric commonly used to make belts for ceremonial military uniforms for marching bands. Courlene webbing is renowned for its strength and durability but can still easily be cut using strong, sharp scissors.

Wyedean’s Polyethylene/Courlenes webbings have the following features:

  • A man-made polyethylene/polymer
  • Made from thick mono-filament yarn
  • Strong, rigid and versatile
  • Used by many military marching bands and units
  • Available in a variety of colours and widths
  • Can be supplied with courlene webbing belt loops

Wyedean offers a full making up service which includes the cutting, sewing, blocking and sealing of its webbings, straps and bindings. We can manufacture and supply webbing and narrow fabrics in large bulk quantities to your exact requirements, finished, sewn and packaged.

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We also stock various widths, colours and styles of polyethylene/courlene webbing which are available to buy online in small-medium quantities.

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