Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is typically used for military applications in either IRR (infra-red reflective) and non IRR versions. Nylon is mainly used in the manufacture of PLCE (Personal Load Carriage Equipment), military clothing, camping equipment, slings, personal protective equipment and helmets.

Wyedean’s nylon webbing has the following properties:

  • High resistance to alkalis
  • A melting point of above 200°C, up to as high as 250°C
  • Good resistance to low strength acids
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Extremely durable with a long life
  • Performs well in low temperatures
  • Excellent ultra violet (UV) resistance

Wyedean offers a full making up service which includes the cutting, sewing, blocking and sealing of its webbings, straps and bindings. We can manufacture and supply webbing and narrow fabrics in large bulk quantities to your exact requirements, finished, sewn and packaged.

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We also stock various widths, colours and styles of nylon webbing which are available to buy online in small-medium quantities.

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