Royal Navy

The British Royal Navy has a rich history spanning hundreds of years and Wyedean is proud to be a part of this heritage, equipping servicemen and officers with uniforms which are admired on the global stage.

The Royal Navy is key to the prosperity of Great Britain and the stability of the high seas. It is instantly recognisable by its striking uniform.

Each time a new ship is launched, its crew wear the ship’s name on what is known as a cap tally. Wyedean is proud to weave these tallies and has hundreds of ship names in its database. When a ship takes her maiden voyage, Wyedean will have equipped its crew with tailor-made tallies.

Wyedean is also responsible for providing all the naval insignia from day-to-day wear through to the insignia and gold epaulettes for officers. The traditional black ribbon seen on naval uniforms and the historic gold embroidery on black badges for officers are just two of the embellishments made by Wyedean staff.

Like the Royal Navy, Wyedean has adapted its work to use the latest technology. Its craftsmen use a variety of methods including weaving, braiding, embroidering, both by hand and on 21st-century machines.

Royal Navy sailors and officers uniform webshop

Wyedean runs a dedicated Royal Navy web shop containing hundreds of items of Navy regalia including cap tallies, rank slides, sailor’s collars and lanyards.

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