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Narrow Fabrics

Narrow Fabrics - Braids, Tapes, Laces, Ribbons

Narrow fabrics are where it all began for Wyedean, hence the full name of the company: Wyedean Weaving. And while the scope of the company’s manufacturing capabilities has dramatically increased, the company still maintains the in-house skills and machinery required to manufacture a vast array of narrow fabrics in its Yorkshire-based textile mill.

The term narrow fabrics covers a wide range of products from lace, braid, webbing, ribbon, cord and string across many different colours and widths.

If you have any narrow fabric requirement, even for bespoke sizes, colours, designs and specifications then please get in touch. You can also browse our narrow fabric stock online.


There are subtle differences in how the many different types of narrow fabrics that Wyedean manufactures are produced. Braiding involves interlacing multiple strands of yarn together, similarly to plaiting.

Braids can be wide, rounded, squared or tubular and can be made from worsted (woolly), viscose, cotton, synthetic or metallic threads with intricate designs or plain single colours.


Ribbons on the other hand, are woven, which involves using two separate sets of yarns or threads: the warp and the weft. The warp consists of the yarns that run longways through the ribbon and dictate the colours and design. The weft, meanwhile, runs across the ribbon and goes over and under alternating warp yarns that are lifted and lowered.

Ribbons are always flat and wide and generally made from a nylon and cotton composite.


Lace tends to have a more delicate construction and feature a more intricate repeating design or pattern. They’re usually reserved for more ornate ceremonial uses.

For instance, one popular item Wyedean manufactures is Naval Lace which is used on a Royal Navy officer’s jacket sleeve to indicate his or her rank.

B and S (Bias and Stand) Lace is used to decorate the the collars, buttons, sleeves and centre front of ceremonial military jackets.


Webbing is manufactured similarly to ribbon, usually using a shuttle loom. The shuttle is a wooden carrier that moves the weft thread from side to side.

Webbings are strong flat strips of varying widths with a variety of practical uses. In ceremonial uniforms, webbing is used to make load-bearing belts or sashes. Braids, meanwhile, tend to be used more for decorative ties or lanyards.