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Headwear - Peaked Caps, Berets, Side Caps, Bump Caps, Helmet Covers

Wyedean manufactures and supplies a wide range of headwear for use in many different applications. From ceremonial peaked caps, berets and side caps, to protective bump caps, helmets and helmet covers, our team has the expertise and experience to help with your requirements.

Berets are made from wool and are soft, round and flat in design and typically worn by the military to denote the wearer’s regiment or rank.

Side caps meanwhile, are foldable military caps with straight edges and a parting or crease down the middle. They’re also sometimes referred to as forage caps, garrison caps, flight caps or field service caps.

Peaked caps, often referred to as barracks covers or combination caps, are a formal piece of headwear worn by the military, law enforcement agencies and fire departments. Peaked caps usually feature an embroidered badge at the front denoting the wearer’s unit or regiment.

Specialist Hats and Caps

While Wyedean’s core business focuses on the military and armed forces, the company also has a long history of manufacturing specialist non-military items of headwear.

For example, Wyedean has manufactured and supplied chef’s/food handling caps, outdoor/camping bush caps, London Underground uniform caps and even bespoke costume headwear such as tea cup hats for the famous Yorkshire Tea marching band.

In addition to a wide variety of hats, caps, busbys and berets, Wyedean also makes headwear accessories such as cap tallies, plumes, shackles, cap badges, helmet insignia.

If you have any headwear or headwear accessory requirements then get in touch.