Where are your prices?

The majority of Wyedean's items are made-to-order and therefore is not a formal price list. We do have a select range of items in stock, which can be bought online at our web store. If your enquiry relates to a non-standard item we would need to provide you with a formal quotation based on the materials and quantities required.   If you have an enquiry for a particular service or product, then be sure to provide us with as much information as possible including high resolution photographs, any specifications you may have and a full description of dimensions and components. You can contact us using our web form or via email at sales@wyedean.com.

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There are a lot of products on your website and I am struggling to find the item I’m interested in. What can I do?

As we have such a vast array of products for sale on our webshop, we have split our products down into categories based on either the force to which they belong, or the type of product. If you find the Wyedean Stores superstore too overwhelming, try visiting one of the sub stores at any of the following locations: http://www.wyedeanstores.com - Our superstore containing all product ranges. http://army.wyedeanstores.com - This store contains all products relating to the British Army. http://badges.wyedeanstores.com - This store contains our badges, including hand embroidered badges, machine embroidered badges and woven badges. http://cadets.wyedeanstores.com - This store contains all products worn by cadets across a range of different forces. http://captallies.wyedeanstores.com - This store contains all of our Royal Navy Cap Tallies, of which there are hundreds. We also offer bespoke, custom-made cap tallies. http://ceremonial.wyedeanstores.com - This store specialises in ceremonial regalia as opposed to work or combat wear. http://haberdashery.wyedeanstores.com - This store specialises in all of our narrow fabric and haberdashery items. http://royalnavy.wyedeanstores.com - This store focuses specifically on Royal Navy uniform accessories. http://royalairforce.wyedeanstores.com - This store contains all items of uniform regalia relating to the Royal Air Force. http://shipsbadges.wyedeanstores.com - As official suppliers of Ship's Badges to the Royal Navy, this store features our ship plaques.

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Do you offer a sample service?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer samples. We have many thousands of products in stock and the administration time required to process and pack samples means it's not a service we can offer. However, haberdashery and narrow fabric items are available to purchase in 1 metre lengths from our web shop.

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Can I visit your premises?

Wyedean is a working factory and not a museum or shop so is not open to the general public. Customers and suppliers are able to visit for discussions about projects and enquiries but we insist that interested parties contact us beforehand to book an appointment.

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